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November 20th, 2023: HEADSTAY

Definition: HEADSTAY*HEADSTAYS n a support for a ship's foremast

Anagrams: (none)

Hooks: headstayS

Ana-hooks: (none)

'Typos': (none)

Blana-grams: asyNdeta Catheads daytaLes Fatheads hastaTed headFast headWays hydRates Masthead saShayed

Extensions: (none)

Sub-anagrams: aa aah aahed aahs aas ad adays ads adyta ae ah aha ahead ahed ahs as asea ash ashed ashet ashy at ate ates ay ayah ayahs aye ayes ays da dae daes dah dahs das dash dashy data date dates day days de deash death deaths deathy dey deys dye dyes ea eas east easy eat eath eats ed edh edhs eh ehs es est et eta etas eth eths eyas ha had hade hades hads hadst hae haed haes haet haets has hast hasta haste hasted hasty hat hate hated hates hats hay hayed hays he head heads heady heast heat heats hes hest het hets hey heys hye hyed hyes hyte sad sade sadhe sae sat satay sate sated say sayed sea seat sed set seta sey sh sha shad shade shady shat shay shaya she shea shed shet shy st stade stay stayed stead steady sted stey sty stye styed sye syed sythe ta tad tads tae taed taes taha tahas tas tash tashed tay tays te tea tead teads teas ted teds tedy tes thae the they thy tsade tyde tye tyed tyes ya yah yahs yate yates ye yea yead yeads yeah yeas yeast (and 4 more)

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