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November 14th, 2023: CHALDRON

Definition: CHALDRON*CHALDRONS n a unit of dry measure

Anagrams: chlordan chondral

Hooks: chaldronS

Ana-hooks: chlordanE chlordanS holandrIc

'Typos': chawdron

Blana-grams: anchorEd caldronS caUldron chandlEr cloChard colandEr condYlar conElrad cornlaNd croPland crUnodal dorlachS hadronIc Ironclad rhodanIc rhoncHal rondachE Waldhorn

Extensions: (none)

Sub-anagrams: ach acold acorn ad ado adorn ah ahold al alod an anchor and ar arc arch archon arco ard cad caldron calo can candor car card carl carn carol ch cha chad chador chal chao char chard chon choral chord chorda chordal clad clan claro clod clon coal cod coda col cola cold con cond cor coral cord corn cran da dah dahl dal dan darn dhal dhol do doc doh dol don dona donah dor dorlach ha had hadron halo halon han hand hao hard harl harn haro ho hoa hoar hoard hoc hod holard hold hon hond honda hora horal horn la lac lad ladron lah lanch land lar larch lard lardon larn lo loach load loan loca loch lochan lod lor loran lorcha lord lorn na nach nacho nah narc narco nard no nod nodal noh nor oar oca och od oda odal oh old on or ora orach orad oral orc orca ord rach racon rad radon rah ran ranch rancho rand rho roach road roan roc roch rod

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