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November 11th, 2023: UREASE

Definition: UREASE*UREASES n an enzyme

Anagrams: reseau

Hooks: ureaseS

Ana-hooks: ausTere Cesurae erasuRe eureKas Leasure Measure Quaeres reseauS reseauX seaSure Vareuse

'Typos': crease grease prease unease

Blana-grams: aBuser aeNeus aerIes aGrees aLures aMeers aMuser areDes areTes arGues arOuse asSure auGers aureUs aVerse aZures Beares Bursae Causer Cereus Ceruse Cesura Cesure Deares eaGers eaGres easIer easTer eaTers eMures eNsear eNsure eNures eraseD eraseR eraseS eureKa Feares Feuars Geares Haeres Heares Hearse Larees Leares Leaser Leears Meares Pareus Pauser Peares Persue Peruse Purees Quaere Queers raGees raKees raMees raNees rasuRe raZees reaLes reaMes reaTes reaVes reCuse reFuse resaLe resCue reseaL reseaT reseDa resKue resuMe reTuse reuseD reuseS reVues ruPees rusHee saeTer sareeS sauCer sauGer saureL seaLer seaMer searCe seareD seareR seaTer seCure seraPe serRae sQuare sTeare suaVer Teaser uraeUs uraRes uraseS uraTes ureNas ureseS usaGer

Extensions: (none)

Sub-anagrams: ae ar are ares ars arse as aures ea ear ears eas ease eau eaus ee er era eras erase ere eres ers es ras rase re ree rees res reuse rue rues rusa ruse sae sar saree sau sea sear seare see seer ser sera sere sue suer sur sura sure ur urase ure urea ureas ures ursa ursae us use user

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