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October 11th, 2023: SANGRAIL

Definition: SANGRAIL*SANGRAILS n the legendary cup used by Christ at the Last Supper

Anagrams: larigans

Hooks: sangrailS

Ana-hooks: asHlaring Franglais gEranials larRigans Marginals salarYing

'Typos': (none)

Blana-grams: alarMing aliasIng alignErs analgiAs anErgias angariAs angariEs arginasE arRaigns Bargains Carlings Craaling Darlings Engrails Fangirls ganGliar garlanDs gasaliEr gEranial gHarials graniTas granOlas graPlins gUaranis Kraaling lairagEs laniarDs larRigan lasEring Marginal Marlings nargilEs niagarAs Orinasal railIngs rasSling rEaligns ringHals sangrEal sangriaS sarangiS signalEr singUlar slangiEr snarliNg sParling sPringal sTarling Warsling

Extensions: (none)

Sub-anagrams: aa aal aals aas ag aga again agar agars agas agin agnail agnails agria agrias ags ai ail ails ain ains air airn airns airs ais al ala alan alang alans alar alas alga algas algin algins alias align aligns als an ana anal anas anga angas ani anil anils anis anlas ansa ar argal argali argalis argals argil argils aria arias aril arils ars as gain gains gal gala galas gals gan gar garni gars gas gi gin gins girl girls girn girns gis glair glairs glans glia glias gnar gnarl gnarls gnars graal graals grail grails grain grains gran grana grans grin grins in ins is la laari laaris lag lagan lagans lags lain lair lairs lanai lanais lang lar lari larigan laris larn larns lars las lasing li liana lianas liang liangs liar liars lias ligan ligans lin ling linga lingas lings lins lira liras lis na nag naga nagas nags nail nails naira nairas nala nalas narial naris nasal nasial nil nils rag raga ragas ragi ragis raglan raglans rags rai raia raias rail rails rain rains rais ran rang rangs rani ranis ras rasing ria rial rials rias rig rigs rin ring rings rins sag (and 33 more)

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