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September 1st, 2023: CAMELID

Definition: not available

Anagrams: claimed decimal declaim maliced medical

Hooks: camelidS

Ana-hooks: camAiled camelOid climaTed climaXed decimalS declaimS maledicT medalLic medciNal medicalS melOdica

'Typos': camelia

Blana-grams: alcAide alemBic calmieR camPled caViled cedilLa cemBali cimelIa ciTadel cladiSm claimeR clamMed clamPed climaTe climBed cNemial decRial delTaic dialecT dilemMa dOmical edicTal emailEd eXclaim imPaled imPlead iNlaced limaceL limaceS limeadE macKled macUled maelidS maleFic maliceS maScled mediacY medialS melaNic melOdia melOdic meTical miaUled micaTed micelLa miRacle miSdeal miSlead mYcelia Radicel Radicle Reclaim Scailed

Extensions: (none)

Sub-anagrams: ace aced acid acme ad ae ai aid aide ail ailed aim aimed al alcid ale alec alme am ami amice amid amide amie cad cade cadi cadie caid calid calm calmed cam came camel cedi ceil cel cid cide ciel clad clade claim clam clame clem clied clime da dace dae dal dale dali dam dame de deal decal dei deil del deli demic di dial dice die diel dim dime ea ecad ed eild el eld eliad elm em email emic ice iced id ide idea ideal idem idle ilea ileac la lac lace laced lad lade laic laid lam lame lamed lea lead leam led lei li lice lid lie lied lima lime limed ma mac mace maced macle macled mad made mae maelid maid mail maile mailed mal male maleic mali malic malice me mead meal med medal media medial medic mel mela meld melic mi mica mice mid mil mild mile

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