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August 29th, 2023: LIMBATE

Definition: LIMBATE adj having an edge of a different color

Anagrams: bimetal timbale

Hooks: (none)

Ana-hooks: bailmeNt balmieSt bimetalS imItable lambieSt timbaleS

'Typos': (none)

Blana-grams: ableiSm ableiSt ailmeNt albiteS alembiC alimeNt amAbile ambieNt amiAble aStilbe balmieR baStile batliKe beamilY beamlEt beltmaN beStial bitaBle blaStie Cembali Citable Climate embailS imbatHe imblaZe imPlate labiAte lambeNt lambeRt lambieR lambieS lamiteR laYtime libateD libateS libRate maltieR maRlite meatilY meGabit metiCal miNable miRable miXable mUtable Palmiet Patible Remblai Stabile tablieR tamAble tHimble timbalS timbRal timbRel tRiable

Extensions: (none)

Sub-anagrams: ab abet able ablet ae ai ail aim ait al alb albe albeit albite ale alit alme alt am ambit amble ami amie at ate ba bael bail bait bal bale balm bam bat bate be beam beat bel belt bema bet beta bi bile bima bit bite blae blam blame blat blate bleat blet blite ea eat el elm elt em email embail emit et eta iamb ilea it ita item la lab lam lamb lambie lame lat late lati lea leam leat lei let li lib libate lie lima limb limba lime lit lite ma mabe mae mail maile mal male mali malt mat mate me meal meat mel mela melt met meta metal mi mib mil mile milt mite ta tab tabi table tae tael tai tail tale tali tam tame te tea teal team teil tel tela telia ti tie til tile timbal time

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