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July 8th, 2023: PRASE

Definition: PRASE*PRASES n a mineral

Anagrams: apers apres asper pares parse pears presa rapes reaps spaer spare spear

Hooks: praseS

Ana-hooks: arpeNs asperS aspIre Capers Crapes Drapes esCarp Gapers Gasper Grapes Hepars Japers Jasper Lapser Lepras Operas paCers paDres paGers paIres paPers pareOs pareRs pareUs parGes parIes parLes parseC parseD parseR parseS paseAr pasSer pasTer paTers paUser paVers paWers paYers pearEs pearLs pearsT peraIs peTars pHares pHrase praIse praTes praXes preasE rapeRs rapHes raspeD raspeR reCaps reMaps repasS repasT repaYs sapPer sarApe sCrape seCpar serapE serapH sHaper sHerpa sOaper spaCer spaDer spaerS spareD spareR spareS sparGe sparKe sparRe sparSe spearS spearY spHaer spHear spIrea spreaD Tapers Trapes

'Typos': erase parse pease phase prate prese prise prose pryse urase

Blana-grams: aCers aCres aerOs aesIr aGers aperT aperY apseS apTer areAs areTs arIse arLes arOse arpeN arseS asKer aspeN asTer aUres aVers aYres Bares Barps Baser Bears Braes Caper Capes Cares Carps Carse Crape Craps Dares Dears Drape Draps earDs earLs earNs earsT epHas eprIs esCar esKar eYras Fares Farse Fears Fraps Gaper Gapes Gears Grape Grasp Hares Harps Heaps Hears Hepar Japer Japes Jaspe Kesar Laers Lapse Lares Laser Leaps Lears Lepra Lerps Mares Marse Maser Napes Nares Neaps Nears Opera paCer paCes paDre paGer paGes paIre paIrs paIse paLer paLes paNes paPer paPes parAs parDs pareD pareO pareR pareU parGe parIs parKs parLe parPs parRs parTs parVe paseO paseS pasSe pasTe paTer paTes paUse paVer paVes paWer paXes paYer peaGs peaKs peaLs peaNs pearE pearL pearT peaTs peBas peErs peLas peraI perEa perEs perIs perKs perMs perNs persE persT perTs perVs peTar pHare pIers pLeas pOres pOser praDs praMs praOs praTs praUs praYs preEs prePs presS presT preYs prIes prOas psOae psOra pUers pUres pUrse pYres raCes raGes raIse raJes raKes raLes raMps rapeD rapeR rapHe raRes raseD raseR raseS raspS raspY rasSe raTes raVes raXes raZes reaDs reaKs reaLs reaMs reaNs reaRs reasT reCap reMap repaY repLa repOs repPs resaT resaW resaY rHeas rIpes rOpes saBer saBre saFer saGer saKer saLep saNer sapOr sareD sareE sarGe saVer saWer saYer sCape sCare sCarp sCrae sCrap searE searS seGar sepaD sepaL sepIa sepTa seraC seraI seraL serRa seWar sHape sHare sHarp sHear sKear sMear sNare sNeap sOare sOpra spaCe spaDe spaeD spaeS spaKe spaLe spaNe sparD sparK sparS sparT spaTe speaK speaL speaN speaT speEr speIr sperM spIer spIre spOre spraD spraG spraT spraY spreD spreE spreW sprUe spYre sTare sTear sTrae sTrap sTrep sUper sUpra sWare sWear Taper Tapes Tares Tarps Taser Tears Tepas Teras Trape Traps Ureas Ursae (and 7 more)

Extensions: CHRYSOpraseS praseODYMIUM praseODYMIUMS CHRYSOprase(S)

Sub-anagrams: ae ape aper apes apse ar are ares ars arse as asp ea ear ears eas er era eras ers es pa par pare pars pas pase pe pea pear peas per pes pre rap rape raps ras rase rasp re reap rep reps res sae sap sar sea sear ser sera spa spae spar

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