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June 26th, 2023: ANGELUS

Definition: ANGELUS*ANGELUSES n a Roman Catholic prayer

Anagrams: lagunes langues

Hooks: (none)

Ana-hooks: angulOse euglEnas gRanules gunWales langueTs

'Typos': (none)

Blana-grams: angleRs anlAges augenDs Bangles Belugas Blagues Blunges Bungles Cangues Censual Dangles eluanTs engluTs engulFs euglEna Flanges Fungals galenAs ganGles ganGues gelanTs glanCes glanDes gluCans gluTens gRanule guanAse guIneas gulDens gunlesS gunNels gunselS gunWale Insulae Inulase Jangles Jungles laCunes lagenDs lagunAs langueD langueT languRs lanugOs lasAgne launCes leaguEs leasIng lInages lInguae lOunges lunaTes lungaNs lungeEs lungeRs Mangels Mangles neBulas nIlgaus Plagues Plunges Pungles seagulL sealIng senSual slangeD snagGle snugGle sPangle sulLage Tangles ulLages unagIle unBales unCages unglUes ungUlae unlaCes unlaDes unleaDs unleasH unsealS Wangles

Extensions: angelusES

Sub-anagrams: ae ag age ages aglu aglus ags ague agues al ale ales als an ane anes angel angels angle angles anus as eau egal el elan elans els en eng engs ens es gae gaen gaes gal gale gales gals gan gane gas gaun gean geans gel gels gen gens genu genua genus glans glean gleans glen glens glue glues gnu gnus guan guans gul gules guls gun guns gunsel la lag lags lagune lane lanes lang langue las lase lea lean leans leas leg legs lens leu lues lug luge luges lugs lun luna lunas lune lunes lung lunge lunges lungs luns na nae naes nag nags ne neg negs negus nu nug nugs nus sae sag sage sal sale san sane sang sau saul sea seal seg sel sen slag slang slue slug slung snag snug sue sun sung ulan ulans ulna ulnae ulnas un uns unseal us usage use usnea

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