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June 2nd, 2023: LIGNEOUS

Definition: LIGNEOUS adj of or resembling wood

Anagrams: (none)

Hooks: (none)

Ana-hooks: Delousing ensouliNg Houseling sinolOgue uligInose

'Typos': (none)

Blana-grams: Angulose Blousing Blueings Bulgines Delusion eClosing elogiuMs elusionS eluTions eMulsion engiNous ePigonus eugEnols eulogiAs eulogiEs eulogisE eulogisT eVulsing eVulsion Flousing Foulings gAsoline geMinous gHoulies ginHouse glenoiDs guYlines Housling inDulges ingloBes insouleD isolOgue leguMins leuCosin lignoseS loginesS logLines longWise loungeRs louRings luCigens lugeinGs Mousling noiseFul nousliNg nuBilose ougHlies ouTlines Resoling siDelong songliKe souPling Tousling uglinesS ungloVes unsoileD

Extensions: PYROligneous

Sub-anagrams: egis ego egos el eloign eloigns eloin eloins els elsin elusion en eng engs enol enols ens ensoul eon eons eosin es esloin euoi eusol gel gels gen genius gens genu genus geo geos gi gie gien gies gin gins gio gios gis glei gleis glen glens glue glues gluon gluons gnu gnus go goe goel goels goes gole goles gon gone gons gos gu gue gues guile guiles guise gul gule gules guls gun guns gunsel gus gusle gusli iglu iglus igneous ileus in ingle ingles ingo ingoes ins insole insoul io ion ions ios is isle iso leg legion legions legs lei leis leng lengs lenis leno lenos lens les lesion leu li lie lien liens lies lieu lieus lig ligne lignes lignose ligs lin line lines ling lingo lingoes lings lino linos lins lion lions lis lo log loge loges logie logies login logins logs loin loins lone long longe longes longies longs los lose losen losing louie louies louis loun lounge lounges louns louse lousing lues lug luge luges lugs lune lunes lung lunge lunges lungi lungie lungies lungis lungs lunies ne negus nelis nie nies nil nils nis no noel noels noes nog nogs noil (and 100 more)

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