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May 28th, 2023: LOTH

Definition: LOTH adj loath

Anagrams: holt

Hooks: Cloth Sloth

Ana-hooks: Altho hElot holtS hotEl hotlY lItho loAth lotAh thIol tholE

'Typos': both doth goth lath loch lota loti loto lots moth soth

Blana-grams: Alto Blot Bolt Clot Colt Dolt hAlo hAlt hElo hIlt holD holE holK holM holO holP holS holY hoOt hoSt hotS hoWl Jolt Kohl loFt loOt loSt loUt Molt oAth Phot Plot Rotl Shot Slot thIo thoU thRo toIl tolA tolD tolE tolL tolT tolU toOl toPh toSh Volt

Extensions: ClothE ClothS SlothS CHAloth ClothED ClothES HALloth lothER# BEClothE CHALloth ClothIER ClothING OILCloth REClothE SlothED# SlothFUL UNClothE lothARIO lothEST# lothSOME BACKCloth BEClothED BEClothES CERECloth ClothIERS ClothINGS ClothLIKE DISHCloth DROPCloth ENClothE# FACECloth FOOTCloth HAIRCloth HAlothANE LOINCloth LONGCloth NECKCloth OILClothS REClothED REClothES SACKCloth SAILCloth SlothING# UNClothED UNClothES WASHCloth WAXCloth# lothARIOS lothFULL# lothNESS# BACKClothS BEClothING BEDClothES BROADCloth CEREClothS ClothBOUND ClothESPIN DISHClothS DROPClothS DUSTCloth# ENClothED# ENClothES# FACEClothS FLOORCloth FOOTClothS FORECloth# HAIRClothS HAlothANES HEADCloth# LOINClothS LONGClothS MEGILloth# MORTCloth# NECKClothS PACKCloth# PIlothOUSE REClothING SACKClothS SAILClothS SlothFULLY TABLECloth TRAYCloth# UNClothING WASHClothS WAXClothS# lothEFULL# ALlothEISM# BREECHCloth BROADClothS CEPHAlothIN CHEESECloth CRUMBCloth# CYClothYME# CYClothYMIA CYClothYMIC ClothESLINE ClothESPINS DUSTClothS# ENClothING# FLOORClothS (and 56 more)

Sub-anagrams: ho hot lo lot oh tho to

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