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April 2nd, 2023: REDOUBT

Definition: REDOUBT*REDOUBTS n an enclosed fortification

Anagrams: doubter obtrude outbred

Hooks: redoubtS

Ana-hooks: doubterS obdurAte obtrudeD obtrudeR obtrudeS outbreEd tAboured troubLed tuberoId

'Typos': (none)

Blana-grams: Aborted bLurted borAted borduRe bouLder bouLted bouNder boutAde bruIted burSted Courted debtorS deorbIt detourS doubLer doubLet doubteD doureSt eduCtor Grouted obtuSer orbIted outdAre outdOer outdreW outreAd outrIde outrOde oVerdub reAdout rebouNd redoutS roSebud rouSted Strobed tAbored torQued troubLe trouPed tuTored uNrobed

Extensions: redoubtED# redoubtABLE redoubtABLY redoubtING# redoubtABLENESS#

Sub-anagrams: be bed bedu bet bo bod bode bore bored bort bot bout bred bro brut brute bruted bud bur burd buret but bute buteo de deb debt debtor debur debut detour do dobe doe doer dor dore dot dote doter doubt dour dout drub dub due duet duo dure duro ed er et euro obe od ode oe or orb orbed ore ort oud our out outed outer outre re reb rebut red redo redout redub ret rob robe robed rod rode roe rot rote roue rout route routed rub rube rude rue rued rut te ted to tod toe toed tor tore tour toured trod trode trou true trued tub tube tubed tuber turbo turd udo urb urd uredo ut ute

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