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March 29th, 2023: TORPIDLY

Definition: TORPIDLY adv in a sluggish manner

Anagrams: (none)

Hooks: (none)

Ana-hooks: triploIdy

'Typos': torridly

Blana-grams: Adroitly dilAtory dioptrAl droOpily drypoiNt Elytroid idolAtry pityroId podiAtry polArity polyBrid pUtridly Sportily triploId tripodAl

Extensions: (none)

Sub-anagrams: di diol dip dipt dirl dirt dirty dit do doilt doily doit dol dolt dop dopy dor dorp dort dorty dory dot doty drily drip dript droil droit drop dropt dry drylot id idly idol idyl io it li lid lido lip lirot lit lo lod loid loir lop lor lord lordy lory lot loti loy od odyl oi oil oily old oldy olid op opt or ord ort oy pi pilot pily pioy pir pirl pit pity plod ploidy plot ploy ply po pod poi pol polity polt poly port portly porty pory pot pro prod protyl pry pylori pyoid pyot pyro rid riot rip ript rit rod roil roily ropily ropy rot roti rotl ryot ti tid tidy til tip tirl tiro to tod tody toil told top topi tor tori torpid tory toy trild trio triol trip triply tripod tripody tripy trod trop troy try tryp typo tyro yid yip yird yo yod yold

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