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March 3rd, 2023: DANEGELD

Definition: DANEGELD*DANEGELDS n an annual tax in medieval England

Anagrams: (none)

Hooks: danegeldS

Ana-hooks: deleadIng gladdeneD glandeRed Sedgeland

'Typos': danegelt

Blana-grams: alLedged dangeRed deadlIne deFanged deglaZed dePlaned deRanged engaOled engIlded enlaRded enlaRged Fenagled gandeRed gaRdened gladdenS gOldened laRgened leadenEd lOadened Unleaded

Extensions: (none)

Sub-anagrams: ad add addle ae ag age aged agee agen agene aglee al ale alee an and ane anele aneled angel angeled angle angled da dad dae dag dal dale dan dandle dang danged dangle dangled de dead deaden deal dean deaned dedal dee deed deen del dele delead deled delenda den dene ea eagle eale ean eaned ed edge edged ee eel een egad egal el elan eland eld en end ended ene eng gad gade gae gaed gaen gal gale gan gane geal gealed gean ged gee geed gel geld gelded gen gena genal gene glad gladden glade gland glean gleaned gled glede glee gleed glen la lad lade laded laden ladened lag lagend land lande landed lane lang lea lead leaded leaden lean leaned led ledden ledge lee leed leg legend lend leng lenged na nae nag naled ne neal nealed ned nee need neeld

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