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January 8th, 2023: IRONWEED

Definition: IRONWEED*IRONWEEDS n a shrub

Anagrams: (none)

Hooks: ironweedS

Ana-hooks: eiderDown roSinweed

'Typos': (none)

Blana-grams: diSowner doMineer dowerieS dowerinG endowerS Forewind indorSee inworKed ordineeS orienTed oVerwide oVerwind reCoined reendowS reJoined renowNed rewidenS rewindeD rewindeR weirdoeS widenerS windoreS windroSe winTered wondereD wondereR woOdener worSened

Extensions: (none)

Sub-anagrams: de dee deen deer dei den dene denier dere dern dew dewier di die diene din dine diner dinero dino dire do doe doen doer don done donee dor dore doree dow dower dowie dowier down downer downier dree drew drone drow drown dwine ed ee een eide eider eine en end ender endew endow endower ene enew enow eon er ere ered erenow ern erne erned erode ewe ewer id ide idee in indew indow inro io ion ire ired iron irone ironed ne ned nee need nerd nereid new newed newer newie nid nide nidor nie nied no nod node nodi noir nor nori now nowed od ode oe oi on one oner or ord ordinee ore oreide ow owe owed ower own owned owner owre owrie re red rede redo redon redone ree reed reen reendow rei rein reined ren rend renew renied rew rewed rewiden rewin rewind rewon rid ride rin rind rine rod rode roe roed roin roined ronde rone row rowed rowen rownd we wed wee weed ween weer weid weiner weir weird weirdo weired wen wend were wide widen widener wider wiener win wind winder windore wine wined wino wire wired wo woe (and 7 more)

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