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November 14th, 2022: COSHER


Anagrams: chores ochers ochres roches

Hooks: cosherS cosherY

Ana-hooks: Broches cheEros choKers choLers choOser choreAs choreEs choreUs choUser chroMes coheIrs coherEs croChes echoErs hecTors heroIcs hocKers orAches orcheLs Porches rechosE roAches rocheTs roTches roUches scherZo shocKer sorOche Tochers Torches Troches

'Typos': coshed coshes cosier coster josher kosher nosher posher tosher

Blana-grams: Ahorse Arches Ashore Boches Borsch Bosche Broche Brochs ceNsor ceorLs ceroUs chAres chAser cheEro cheErs cheMos cherTs chIros choIrs choKer choKes choLer choOse chorDs choreA choreD choreE chorUs choseN choseS choUse choWse chroMe cLoser coArse coChes coDers coheIr coherE cohOes coMers coOers coOser coPers corBes coreRs coreYs corIes corPse corseS corseT corVes coseCh coUres coUrse coVers coWers creDos creEsh cresoL croChe croMes croNes croRes crosSe croUse croZes Decors echoEr echoEs ePhors ePochs eschAr escorT escroC escroL escroW Forces Fresco hecTor heroEs heroIc heroNs hoArse hocKer hoMers hoNers hoPers horDes horMes horseD horseS horseY horsTe hosIer hoUser hoVers hoWres Ichors ocherY ochreA ochreD ochreY ocKers oNcers orAche orcheL orchIs oThers oUches oWches rAches recCos recoNs recTos reEcho reshoD reshoE reshoT reshoW rhoNes rIches rocheT rosAce roscOe roTche roUche rUches schMoe schorL schroD scorCh scoreD scoreR scoreS scorSe scoTer scroBe seArch secTor seNhor shoDer shoerS shoreD shoreR shoreS shoVer shoWer shroVe socCer soUrce Throes Tocher Troche Whores

Extensions: cosherED cosherER cosherERS cosherIES cosherING cosherINGS

Sub-anagrams: cero ceros ch che cher chore chose cor core cores cors corse cos cose cosh ech echo echos eh ehs er eros ers es he her hero heros hers hes ho hoc hoe hoer hoers hoes hore hors horse hos hose och oche ocher oches ochre oe oes oh ohs or orc orcs ore ores ors os ose re rec recs reh rehs res resh rho rhos roc roch rocs roe roes rose score sec seco ser sh she shoe shoer shore so soc soh sore

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