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October 13th, 2022: RESH

Definition: RESH*RESHES n a Hebrew letter

Anagrams: hers

Hooks: Fresh

Ana-hooks: hAres heArs heIrs herBs herDs herEs herLs herMs herNs herOs hIres hOers hOrse hOser Lehrs rheAs shAre sheAr sheEr sherD sherO shIer shIre shOer shOre shreD shreW shYer Usher

'Typos': mesh rash rest rush sesh

Blana-grams: Ares Arse eArs eDhs erAs erGs erNs erOs erRs ersT eThs Fehs hAes hAre heAr heHs heIr heMs heNs hePs herB herD herE herL herM herN herO hesT heTs heWs hIes hIre hOer hOes hOse hUes Ires Lehr Ores Pehs rAse reBs reCs reDs reEs reFs reGs reIs reMs rePs reTs reVs rheA rhOs rhUs rIse rOes rOse rUes rUse rYes seAr seEr serA serE serF serS sheA sheD sheN sheS sheW shOe shrI sIre sOre sUer sUre Tres User

Extensions: AFresh THresh reshES reshIP reshOD reshOE reshOT reshOW FreshED FreshEN FreshER FreshES FreshET FreshLY PreshIP PreshOW REFresh reshAPE reshAVE reshINE reshIPS reshOED reshOES reshONE reshOOT reshOWN reshOWS FIreshIP FOreshOW FreshENS FreshERS FreshEST FreshETS FreshIE# FreshING FreshMAN FreshMEN PreshAPE PreshIPS PreshOWN PreshOWS THreshED THreshER THreshES reshAPED reshAPER reshAPES reshAVED reshAVEN reshAVES reshINED reshINES reshOOTS reshOWED reshOWER FIreshIPS FOreshANK FOreshEET FOreshEW# FOreshIP# FOreshOCK FOreshORE FOreshOWN FOreshOWS FreshENED FreshENER FreshIES# FreshISH# FreshNESS PreshAPED PreshAPES PreshOWED PreshRANK PreshRINK PreshRUNK REFreshED REFreshEN REFreshER REFreshES STOreshIP THreshEL# THreshERS THreshING THreshOLD reshAPERS reshAPING reshARPEN reshAVING reshINGLE reshINING reshIPPED reshIPPER reshOEING reshOWERS reshOWING reshUFFLE FOreshADOW FOreshANKS FOreshEETS FOreshEWN# (and 85 more)

Sub-anagrams: eh er ers es he her hes re res ser sh she

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