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June 9th, 2022: DAL

Definition: DAL*DALS n a dish of lentils and spices in India

Anagrams: lad

Hooks: dalE dalS

Ana-hooks: aUld Bald Clad daHl dEal dHal dIal dUal Glad ladE ladS ladY laId laNd laRd laUd lEad lOad Yald

'Typos': aal bal cal dab dad dag dah dak dam dan dap das daw day del dol gal pal sal

Blana-grams: adD adO adS adZ aId aIl alA alB alE alL alP alS alT aNd aWl Bad Cad Eld Fad Gad Had laB laC laG laH laM laP laR laS laT laV laW laX laY lEa lEd lId lUd Mad Oda Old Pad Rad Sad Tad Wad

Extensions: DEdal HAdal MEdal MOdal NIdal NOdal PEdal TIdal dalES dalLY ANOdal APOdal BRIdal CAUdal CREdal DAEdal FEUdal MEdalS MOdalS PEdalO PEdalS SANdal SENdal VANdal dalASI dalEDH dalETH dalLES dalTON ACAUdal APSIdal BIMOdal BIPEdal BRIdalS CHORdal COTIdal CREEdal DECAdal FLUIdal GEOIdal GONAdal HIdalGO HOLdalL HYOIdal INCUdal MANdalA MEdalED MONAdal MOdalLY NOdalLY OVOIdal OdalISK PALUdal PEdalED PEdalER PEdalOS POUNdal SANdalS SCANdal SENdalS SYNOdal TIdalLY VANdalS VEdalIA VIdalIA ZOOIdal dalAPON dalASIS dalEDHS dalETHS dalLIED dalLIER dalLIES dalTONS AMYGdalA AMYGdalE ANOdalLY BEHEAdal BICAUdal BIOCIdal BRIdalLY CALENdal CANDIdal CAPSIdal CATHOdal CAUdalLY CONOIdal CRUNOdal CUBOIdal CUSPIdal DEICIdal ECOCIdal FEUdalLY FORBIdal FUCOIdal GYROIdal HABdalAH HAVdalAH HIdalGOS HOLdalLS (and 287 more)

Sub-anagrams: ad al da la

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