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May 7th, 2022: DERAY

Definition: DERAY*DERAYS n disorderly revelry

Anagrams: deary rayed ready

Hooks: derayS

Ana-hooks: Brayed Bready Cedary darKey dearLy deFray deNary draPey drayeD dreaMy dreaRy Frayed Grayed Hydrae Prayed redBay yardeD yardeR yarNed

'Typos': deary decay delay derat derby derry

Blana-grams: aCred adDer adOre aIder aIred aLder aPery arCed ardeB arMed Barde Bared Barye Bayed Bayer Beady Beard Bread Cadre Cared Cedar Cyder daIry dareD dareR dareS darKy daTer deaIr dearS deBar deCry deNar derMa deWar dIary draKe draPe draVe drayS dreaD dreaM dreaR dryaD dryaS dryeR dyerS earEd earLy eyraS Fader Faery Fared Fayed Gayer Grade Gyred Hardy Hared Hayed Hayer Heady Heard Hydra Irade Lader Lardy Layed Layer Leady Leary Lyard Madre Mayed Nerdy Oared Oread Padre Pardy Pared Payed Payer Perdy raCed raGed raKed raNdy raPed raRed raSed raTed raVed raVey raXed raZed readD readS redaN redDy redIa redLy redRy redyE reEdy reLay rePay reSay ryKed Sayed Sayer Tardy Tared Teary Trade Tread Tyred Wader Wared Weary yaGer yaIrd yardS yareR yaWed yearN yearS yerBa

Extensions: derayED# derayING#

Sub-anagrams: ad ae aery ar are ay aye da dare day de dear dey dray dry dye dyer ear ed er era eyra rad ray re read red rya rye ya yar yard yare ye yea year yer

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