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March 22nd, 2022: RAMULOSE

Definition: RAMULOSE adj having many small branches

Anagrams: (none)

Hooks: (none)

Ana-hooks: asmoulDer emulaTors Fumaroles marVelous

'Typos': hamulose

Blana-grams: alBumose aleuroNs almoNers amBerous amPoules armHoles aureolAs aureolEs Caromels Carousel Caulomes Clamours earlDoms emulaTor emulsorS eNamours Formulae Formulas Fulsomer Fumarole Fusarole Glamours Glareous Gomerals Humerals larKsome leaProus leuComas leuKomas maCulose maulGres mausoleA melaNous meNsural moleraTs moralIse moulaGes moulDers moulTers Neuromas Neurosal Numerals Pleromas raCemous ramoselY ramPoles ramuloUs remoulDs remoVals rosulaTe roulaDes rouleaUs ruBeolas saleroOm sCleroma smoulDer solarIum sTaumrel

Extensions: (none)

Sub-anagrams: ae aero aeros al ale ales alme almes almous alms aloe aloes als also alum alums alure alures am amole amoles amour amours amu amus amuse amuser ar are ares arle arles arm arms arose arouse ars arse arum arums as aulos aures ea ear earl earls ears eas eau eaus el elm elms els em ems emu emulsor emus eorl eorls er era eras eros ers es euro euros eusol la laer laers lam lame lamer lames lams lar lare lares lars larum larums las lase laser lea leam leams lear lears leas lemur lemurs les leu lo loam loams loma lomas lome lomes lor lore lores los lose loser lour loure loures lours louse lues lum lums lur lure lures lurs ma mae maes mal male males mals mar mare mares marl marle marles marls mars marse mas mase maser masu maul mauler maulers mauls me meal meals mel mela melas mels meou meous merl merls mes mesa mesal meu meus mo moa moas moe moes mol mola molar molars molas mole moles mols mor mora morae moral morale morales morals moras more morel morels mores mors morsal morse morsel morula morulae morulas mos mose mou moue moues (and 191 more)

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