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March 12th, 2022: MILLRACE

Definition: MILLRACE*MILLRACES n the current of water that drives a mill wheel

Anagrams: micellar

Hooks: millraceS

Ana-hooks: (none)

'Typos': (none)

Blana-grams: allerGic armillAe calliPer camelliA caViller claimerS clamMier cleriCal creamilY criBella lacrimAl limacelS marcellA meDallic meTallic meTrical micellaE millcaKe millIare miracleS mYcelial ramillIe reclaimS rOcaille

Extensions: (none)

Sub-anagrams: ace acer acme acre ae ai ail aim aimer air al ale alec all allice alme am ami amice amie amir ar arc are areic ariel aril arle arm armil caille call caller calm calmer calmier cam came camel car care carl carle ceil cel cell cella cellar celli ceria ciel cill cimar cire cirl claim claimer clam clame clear clem clime cram crame cream crim crime ea ear earl eclair el ell elm em email emic emir er era eric erica ice icer ilea ileac ileal ill iller ire la lac lace lacer lacier laer laic lair lam lame lamer lar lare lari lea leal leam lear lei leir li liar lice lie lier lilac lima limacel lime lira lire ma mac mace macer macle mae mail maile mailer maill mair maire mal male maleic mali malic malice mall mallei mar marc marcel mare marl marle me meal mel mela melic mell merc meri meril merl mi mica mice micell micella micra mil mile miler mill mille miller mir miracle mire race rai rail raile rale ram rami ramie re real realm ream rec recal recall reclaim rei relic rem remail ria rial rice riel riem rile rill rille (and 4 more)

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