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March 4th, 2022: SMALTITE

Definition: SMALTITE*SMALTITES n a mineral

Anagrams: maltiest metalist

Hooks: smaltiteS

Ana-hooks: meNtalist metalistS metalList milItates mUtilates Remittals stimUlate Ultimates

'Typos': smaltine

Blana-grams: ailettEs ailmeNts alimeNts Balmiest Bimetals Calmiest Clematis Climates estimatE etatismE etatismS Flamiest Flatties imItates imPlates lamBiest lamisteR lamiteRs latHiest lattiCes laYtimes litHates lOamiest malMiest maltsteR maNliest maNtlets maRliest maRlites maRtlets mastieSt mastliKe matelOts mealiEst meatiEst meDalist melaNist meltiEst meltitHs metalisE metiCals milItate miltIest misalteR misDealt misState mistItle mistReat mOtliest mUtilate Palmiest Palmiets Petalism Platiest Remittal saltieSt semiMatt sePtimal simUlate slatieSt steamilY talCiest taleYsim talKiest teatimEs teRatism teRtials timBales tOtalise tOtalism Ultimate Waltiest

Extensions: (none)

Sub-anagrams: ae ai ail ails aim aims ais aisle ait aits al ale ales alist alit alme almes alms als alt alts am ami amie amies amis as at ate ates atilt att ea eas east eat eats el elm elms els elt elts em email emails emit emits ems es est et eta etas etat etatism etats ilea is isle islet ism istle it ita itas item items its la lam lame lames lamest lams las lase last lat late latest lati lats latte lattes lea leam leams leas least leat leats lei leis les lest let lets li lie lies lima limas lime limes lis list lit litas lite lites lits ma mae maes mail maile mailes mails maise maist mal male males mali malis malist mals malt malts mas mase mast mat mate mates matiest mats matt matte mattes mattie matties matts me meal meals meat meats mel mela melas mels melt melts mes mesa mesail mesal mesial met meta metal metals metis mets mi mil mile miles mils milt milts mis misate mise miseat mist mistle mite mites mitt mitts sae sai sail saim sal sale salet salmi salt saltie sam same samel samiel samite samlet sat (and 127 more)

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