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February 22nd, 2022: CESTODE

Definition: CESTODE*CESTODES n a tapeworm

Anagrams: escoted tedesco

Hooks: cestodeS

Ana-hooks: cLoseted coRseted cosSeted escoRted escotTed sectoRed socKeted

'Typos': custode

Blana-grams: Acetose ceNotes cestoId cHested coAsted coAtees coedIts coesIte coLdest cotIsed coVeted cRested cYtodes deceIts decoCts decoDes decoKes decteTs deFects deJects deMotes deNotes desceNt detecTs detoXes deVotes dIocese doceNts docKets doUcest doUcets ecLosed eNcodes oeRsted Pectose Recodes Roseted sceNted scoOted scoUted secoNde stocKed tedescA teRedos

Extensions: (none)

Sub-anagrams: cede cedes cee cees cete cetes cod code codes cods coed coeds cos cose cosed coset cost coste costed cot cote coted cotes cots de deco decos dee dees deet deets do doc docs doe does doest dos dose dost dot dote dotes dots dso ecod ed ee es escot est estoc et od ode odes ods oe oes os ose scot sec seco sect sed see seed set so soc sod sot st sted stede steed te ted teds tee teed tees tes to toc tocs tod tods toe toed toes tose tosed

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