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January 15th, 2022: ARGLE

Definition: ARGLE*ARGLED*ARGLES*ARGLING v to argue

Anagrams: glare lager large regal

Hooks: Gargle argleD argleS

Ana-hooks: aglAre alegAr aNgler argYle galerE galOre gaOler garBle garGle glaIre glareD glareS glaZer graPle graVel laAger lagerS lagGer largeR largeS Malgre ragGle reFlag regalE regNal Tergal

'Typos': angle argue

Blana-grams: aBler agerS agGer agIle agleE agleT agleY agreE alDer alerT algAe algOr alTer aNgel aNger areAl argAl argIl argOl arIel arleS arTel aUger Bagel Baler Barge Belga Blare Blear Cager Carle Clear eagEr eaglE eagrE earlS earlY egGar Farle Feral Flare gaBle gaGer galeA galeD galeS gaMer gaPer gaTer gaVel gaYer gaZer gearS geraH glaCe glaDe glaIr glarY glaZe gleaM gleaN gleBa glUer gNarl gOral graAl graCe graDe graIl graPe graTe graVe graZe greaT grUel gUlar gYral Haler Jager laCer laDer laKer laMer lareE lareS largO laSer laTer laVer laXer laYer learN learS learY legaL legEr lIger lUger Marge Ogler Pager Paler Parge Parle Pearl Plage rageD rageE rageR rageS raleS raNge raTel raVel realM realS regMa regNa relaX relaY reNal reTag rUgae rUgal Sager Sarge Seral Taler Targe Terga Ureal Velar Wager Waler Yager

Extensions: Dargle# GargleD GargleR GargleS DargleS# GargleRS

Sub-anagrams: ae ag age ager al ale ar are areg ear earl egal el er era erg gae gal gale gar gear gel la lag lar lea lear leg rag rage rale re real reg

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