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January 1st, 2022: LISLE

Definition: LISLE*LISLES n a fine, tightly twisted cotton thread

Anagrams: (none)

Hooks: lisleS

Ana-hooks: Allies eisEll Filles illesT liBels lilIes lisTel Milles Rilles silleR

'Typos': aisle

Blana-grams: Allis Bells Biles Bills Ceils Celli Cells Ciels Cills Clies Deils Delis Dells Dills eilDs eisEl elsiN esilE eVils Fells Files Fille Fills Flies Gills Gleis Heils Hells Hills iDles ileAl ileUs illeR isleD isleS isleT isTle Jells Jills Kells Kills leiRs leisH leNis leVis leWis leXis liBel lieFs lieNs lieRs lieUs liKes lilLs lilOs lilTs liMes liNes liTes liVes lOsel lWeis Mells Miles Mille Mills Nelis Nills Pells Piles Pills Plies Riels Riles Rille Rills sAlle seilS sellA sellE sellS sHell sHiel sHill siDle sielD sileD sileN sileR sileS sileX sillS sillY siZel sKell sKill sliCe sliDe slieR slilY sliMe sliPe sliVe sMell sMile sNell sOlei sPeil sPell sPiel sPile sPill sTeil sTell sTile sTill sWell sWill Teils Tells Tiles Tills Veils Vells Vills Vleis Vlies Weils Wells Wiels Wiles Wills Yells Yills Zills

Extensions: (none)

Sub-anagrams: el ell ells els es ill ills is isle lei leis les li lie lies lis sei seil sel sell si sile sill

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