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September 19th, 2021: LANDSLIP

Definition: LANDSLIP*LANDSLIPS n the fall of a mass of earth

Anagrams: (none)

Hooks: landslipS

Ana-hooks: (none)

'Typos': landskip landslid

Blana-grams: displanT illapsEd paillOns palAdins pHallins pinBalls sandHill sandpilE spadillE spadillO spallinG spandRil spEndall spinallY splEnial

Extensions: (none)

Sub-anagrams: ad ads ai aid aids ail ails ain ains ais al all allis alls alp alps als an and ands ani anil anils anis as asp da dais dal dali dalis dals dan dans dap daps das di dial dials dill dills din dins dip dips dis disa id ids ill ills in ins is island la lad lads laid laids lain land lands lap lapin lapins lapis laps las li lid lids lin lind linds lins lip lips lis lisp na nail nails nap naps nas nid nidal nids nil nill nills nils nip nipa nipas nips nis pa pad padi padis pads paid pail pails pain pains pais pal pall pallid palls pals pan pand pands pans pas pi pia pial pian pians pias pila pill pills pin pina pinas pins pis plaid plaids plain plains plan plans psi sad sadi sai said sail sain sal sall salp salpid san sand sap sapid si sial sida sild sill sin sind sip slaid slain slap slid slip snail snap snip spa spail spain spald spall span spial spill spin spina spinal

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