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September 2nd, 2021: RASTER

Definition: RASTER*RASTERS n the area reproducing images on the picture tube of a television set

Anagrams: arrest rarest raters starer tarres terras

Hooks: rasterS

Ana-hooks: arMrest arrestS artsIer Barrets Barters Carters Craters Darters erraNts erratAs Fraters Garrets Garters Graters Kraters Parters Praters raFters raNters ratTers restarT retarDs retEars rOaster serratE sMarter starerS starKer starreD starTer starVer straFer straYer tarrIes tarsIer tearErs traCers traDers trasHer

'Typos': baster caster easter faster gaster laster master paster rafter ranter rasher rasper ratter rester roster taster vaster waster

Blana-grams: aFters aIrers aIrest aLerts aLters aNtres aretEs arMers arMets arteLs arterY artIer artsIe asSert asterN asterS aVerts Barest Barres Barret Barter Breast Carers Carets Carter Cartes Caters Crater Crates Darers Darter Daters Derats Drears eartHs eatErs erasEr erraNt erratA ersatZ estraL estraY eXtras Farers Frater Garret Garter Gaters Grater Grates Greats Haters Hearts Irater Krater Maters Matres Oaters Orates Osetra Parers Parser Parter Paters Prater Prates raCers raGers raIser raKers raMets raPers raserS rasUre rateLs ratHer raVers raWest raZers reaCts rearMs reatAs reBars reCast rePast resEat resOrt retaGs retarD retEar retraL retrOs rIstra rOstra saLter sartOr satIre sCarer searEr seatEr sHarer sIerra sKater sLater sNarer sOarer sOrter sParer staGer staKer staLer stareD stareS starrY starVe staTer staYer steLar sterNa stOrer straFe straKe streaK streaM strIae taBers taKers taLers taMers taPers tarGes tarreD tarTer taserS taTers taWers taXers tearEr teasEr teraIs terraE tersEr teTras traCer traCes traDer traDes traPes traVes treaDs treaTs trIers Urares Urates Waters Yarest

Extensions: rasterISE rasterIZE rasterISED rasterISES rasterIZED rasterIZER rasterIZES rasterISING rasterIZERS rasterIZING

Sub-anagrams: ae ar are ares ars arse art arts as aster at ate ates ear ears east eat eats er era eras err errs ers erst es est et eta etas rare rares ras rase raser rat rate rater rates rats re rear rears res resat rest ret rets sae sat sate sea sear seat ser sera set seta star stare ta tae tar tare tares tarre tars tas tase taser te tea tear tears teas terra tes tres tsar

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