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July 7th, 2021: LECYTHIS

Definition: LECYTHIS adj designating a family of tropical shrubs

Anagrams: chestily

Hooks: (none)

Ana-hooks: Phyletics sKetchily

'Typos': lecythus

Blana-grams: chAstely cheEsily chilLest chiMleys clAyiest ethicAls ethiNyls Flitches Glitches hectiCly helicIty hyAlites hysteRic Methylic Phyletic slitheRy sWitchel teTchily yAchties

Extensions: (none)

Sub-anagrams: ceil ceils cel cels celt celts cesti chest chesty chi chiel chiels chile chiles chis chisel chit chits chyle chyles cis cist cite cites city clit clits cyst echt eh el elhi els es est et etch eth ethic ethics eths ethyl ethylic ethyls etic etics he heil heils heist hes hest het hets hey hi hic hie hies hilt hilts his hist hit hits hyte ice ices ich ichs icy is isle islet istle it itch itches itchy its lech lecythi lei leis lest let letch lets ley leys li lice lich liches licht lichts lie lies lis list lit lite lites lithe lits lych lyches lye lyes lyse lytic scythe sec sect sei sel set sh she shelty shiel shily shit shite shy si sic sice silt silty sit site sith slice slit sly stelic stey stich stile sty stye style styli syce syli te tec tech techily techs techy tecs tel telic tels tes the they this thy ti tic tics tie ties til tile tiles tils tis tye tyes ye yech yechs yeh yes yet yeti yetis

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