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June 26th, 2021: REREDOS

Definition: REREDOS*REREDOSES n an ornamental screen behind an altar

Anagrams: (none)

Hooks: (none)

Ana-hooks: eNdorser ordereRs oVerreds Pedreros redHorse reordeRs resCored resoLder resorBed resorTed resTored rosTered soLderer

'Typos': teredos

Blana-grams: Adorers Bedsore Borders Corders dePoser derrIes desIrer dorMers dorPers dorserS dorTers dreAres dresSer droGers droNers droserA droVers eMerods eNdorse Herders oersTed ordereD ordereR ordUres oreAdes oreIdes osIered oVerred Pedrero reAders reArose reBored reBores reCodes reCords redDers redeArs redoXes redresS redrIes redroVe redseAr reedErs reMorse reNders reordeR rePosed rePoser rereAds resCore resIder resoLed resoWed resTore reVerso reWords rodsTer roeMers roGered roseTed rosIere serrIed sKerred soBered soBerer sPerred sWorder

Extensions: reredosES reredosSE reredosSES

Sub-anagrams: de dee deer deers dees dere deres do doe doer doers does dor dore doree dorees dorr dorrs dors dorse dorser dos dose doser dree drees drere dreres dso ed ee er ere ered eres erode erodes eros erose err erred errs ers es od ode odes ods oe oes or ord order orders ords ore ores ors os ose re red rede redes redo redoes redos reds ree reed reeds rees rerose res resod rod rode rodes rods roe roed roes rore rores rose rosed sed seder see seed seer ser sere sered serer serr serre serred so sod sord sore sored soree sorer

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