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April 7th, 2021: CHORDATE

Definition: CHORDATE*CHORDATES n any of a large phylum of animals

Anagrams: (none)

Hooks: chordateS

Ana-hooks: charIoted octahedrA octOhedra

'Typos': (none)

Blana-grams: aerodUct aNchored aNchoret aUthored Broached cartoNed cathedrA cathodeS caVorted ceratoId charoSet cheLator chLorate chortLed chroMate coWheard crotChed decoratE deMocrat detachEr edUcator Factored Goatherd hardcoRe hectorEd ochreatE oUtheard oUtraced oUtreach redactoR redcoatS roNdache Starched theocraT thoraceS thrIdace throaTed tocherEd tracheId trachLed trochLea

Extensions: UROchordateS HEMIchordateS PROTOchordateS UROchordate(S) CEPHALOchordate HEMIchordate(S) PROTOchordate(S)

Sub-anagrams: ace aced acer ach ache ached acre acred act acted actor ad ado adore ae aero ah ahed ar arc arced arch arched arco ard are ared aret art at ate atoc cad cade cadet cadre car card care cared caret cart carte carted cat cate cater cathode cedar cero cert ch cha chad chador chao char chard chare chared charet chart charted chat che cheat cher chert chode chord chorda chordae chore chorea chored chota coat coate coated coater cod coda code coder coed cohead cor cord cordate core cored cot cote coted coth crate crated cred credo da dace dae dah dare dart date dater dato de dear dearth death deco decor dehort derat derth detach do doat doater doc docht doe doer doeth doh dor dore dort dot dote doter doth drat ea each ear eard earth eat eath ecad ech echard echo echt ecod ed edh eh er era et eta etch eth ha had hade hae haed haet hao hard hare hared haro hart hat hate hated hater hatred he head hear heard heart heat hector her herd hero het ho hoa hoaed hoar hoard hoared hoc hod hoe hoed hoer hora horde hore hot (and 149 more)

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