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March 12th, 2021: SORDINE

Definition: SORDINE*SORDINES n a device used to muffle the tone of a musical instrument

Anagrams: dineros donsier indorse ordines rosined

Hooks: sordineS

Ana-hooks: Aneroids Consider derisIon disenroL disoWner disPoner donAries doUrines droniesT endiroNs Hordeins indorseD indorseE indorseR indorseS ironIsed ironsIde Joinders neGroids ordineEs Poinders Prisoned resinoId soUrdine Windores Windrose

'Typos': sardine sordini sordino

Blana-grams: Adonise Aneroid Anodise Binders Bonders Borides Cinders Codeins Coiners Conders Condies Corsned Crinose Cronies deHorns deniErs deVisor deVoirs dinGers dinGoes dinNers disCern disCoer disHorn disPone disroBe diTones diUrons doesKin doLines doMines donDers doriseD doriseS doriZes dorMins dosSier doUrine doWners doWnier doWries droneRs dronieR dronisH dUrions ediTors eModins endiroN endorsE endriNs endUros enGirds erAsion erinGos erodinG erosiOn Finders Friends Groined Heroins Hinders Hoidens Hordein iGnored iGnores inBreds indoLes indoOrs inorBed inroAds insHore insIder insUred iodInes ionIsed ionIser ironeRs ironIes ironIse Joinder Joiners Kinders Kinreds Merinos Mersion Minders Minored Misdoer Misdone Moderns Moiders neGroid nerdisH nerEids neroLis neUroid niMrods nodDers nodDies noisIer noriTes oesTrin ondiNes onsideS orCeins orCines ordAins ordineE oreidEs orienTs orniseS orOides orPines osierEd Periods Pinders Pioners Poinder Ponders Proined Proines rAndies reBinds reCoins redFins redoinG redsKin reFinds reGions reJoins reMinds renVois resCind resinEd resoUnd resPond reWinds rHodies roAdies rodenTs rodinGs rodsMen roisTed rondeLs rosiTed roWdies sAdiron sAndier sCorned seCondi seniorS seriCon sHrined siGnore snodDer snorTed snoWier sodAine sodDier soLdier soLider sondeLi sonderS soneriS sonSier sorediA sorTied soUnder sPinode sTeroid sTonied sTonier sToried Tersion Tierods Tinders Triodes Triones Undoers Urinose Vendors Verdins Version Visored Voiders Weirdos Winders Windore Wonders Yonders

Extensions: (none)

Sub-anagrams: de dei den dens dern derns di die dies din dine diner dinero diners dines dino dinos dins dire dis do doe doen doer doers does don done dons donsie dor dore dories dorise dors dorse dos dose doser dries drone drones dso ed eidos en end ends ens eon eons eosin er ern erns eros ers es id ide ides ids in inro ins io ion ions ios ire ired ires iron irone ironed irones irons is iso ne ned neds nerd nerds nid nide nides nidor nidors nids nie nied nies nis no nod node nodes nodi nods noes noir noirs noise noised nor nori noris nos nose nosed noser nosier od ode odes ods oe oes oi on one oner oners ones ons onside or ord ords ore ores ornis ors os ose osier re red redo redon redons redos reds rei rein reins reis ren rend rends rens res resid resin resod rid ride rides rids rin rind rinds rine rines rins rinse rinsed rise risen rod rode rodes rods roe roed roes roin roined roins ronde rondes rone rones rose rosed rosied rosin sdein sed sei seir sen send senior senor ser serin seron si (and 31 more)

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