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March 6th, 2021: FILISTER

Definition: FILISTER*FILISTERS n a groove on a window frame

Anagrams: (none)

Hooks: filisterS

Ana-hooks: fertilisE filLister flirtiesT frAilties frilLiest fritFlies trifOlies

'Typos': (none)

Blana-grams: Airlifts Cliftier feistiEr felsitiC feritiEs ferliEst fetiAlis feWtrils fieriEst filBerts filiAtes filMiest filtHier firRiest fitliesT flAriest fliMsier fliNtier flirteRs flirtieR flirtisH flisKier flitTers flOriest flYtiers frAilest frilLies fUsilier lAiriest liMiters listeriA Mirliest Nirliest Nitriles rAtifies reDistil riftiesT riftlesS rOiliest sHiftier sNiftier sPitfire stiflerS stilLier stilTier tilefisH tileriEs trefOils trifleRs trilBies triPlies Utiliser

Extensions: (none)

Sub-anagrams: ef efs eft efts el elf elfs els elt elts er erf ers erst es est et feis feist felt felts fer fest fet fets fie fier fiest fil file filer filers files filet filets fils filter filters fir fire firelit fires firs first fist fistier fit fitlier fits flier fliers flies fliest flirt flirts flit flite flites flits freit freits fret frets fries fris frise frist frit frits if ifs ire ires iris is isle islet istle it its itself left lefts lei leir leirs leis les lest let lets li lie lief liefs lier liers lies life lifer lifers lift lifter lifters lifts lire liri lis list lister lit lite liter liters lites litre litres lits re ref refit refits refs reft rei reif reifs reis reist relist relit res resift resit rest ret rets riel riels rif rife rifest rifle rifles rifs rift rifte rifts rile riles riliest rise rit rite rites rits sei seif seil seir sel self ser serf serif set si sift sifter sile siler silt siltier sir sire siri sit site slier slit sri st steil stie stifle stifler stile stir stire strife te tef tefs teil teils tel tels terf terfs tes (and 23 more)

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