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January 26th, 2021: VOCALESE

Definition: not available

Anagrams: (none)

Hooks: vocaleseS

Ana-hooks: oveRscale

'Typos': vocalise

Blana-grams: alveoLes ceRvelas cleaveRs coaevAls coalesCe coveleTs eNclaves escaloPe escaRole evocaBle evocaTes eXclaves oPalesce oveRsale secaloSe sHoelace vacUoles valeNces vocaBles

Extensions: (none)

Sub-anagrams: ace aces ae aesc al alcove alcoves ale alec alecs alee ales aloe aloes als also as ave aves avo avos caese calo calve calves case cave cavel cavels caves ceas cease cee cees cel cels claes clave claves cleave cleaves cleve cleves close clove cloves coal coals coeval coevals col cola colas cole coles cols cos cose cove coves ea eale eales eas ease easel easle eave eaves eclose ee eel eels el els else elves es eve eves evoe la lac lace laces lacs laevo las lase lav lave laves lavs lea leas lease leave leaves lee lees les lev leva leve levo lo loave loaves loca los lose love loves oaves oca ocas oe oes ole olea oles os ose ova oval ovals sac sae sal sale salve salvo save scale sclave sea seal sec seco see seel sel sele selva slae slave sleave slee sloe slove so soave soc soca socle sol sola solace sole solve sov vac vacs vae vaes vale vales valse vas vase veal veale veales veals vee vees vela vele veles veloce vocal vocals voces voe voes vol vola volae vole voles vols

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