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December 20th, 2020: SANICLE

Definition: SANICLE*SANICLES n a medicinal herb

Anagrams: inlaces scaleni

Hooks: sanicleS

Ana-hooks: calCines canAlise canisTel caPelins caRlines cleanisH lacinesS lancieRs lUnacies Melanics Meniscal Mescalin Panicles Pelicans salicIne saliencE saliencY sceniCal

'Typos': panicle

Blana-grams: aceTins acinOse ainselL aleVins aleXins alineRs alKines alnicOs alPines aMnesic anGelic anGlice anisOle anlAces aRcsine aRsenic calCine calenDs caliCes caliXes calKins canCels canDies canDles caniNes canNels canTles caPelin caPlins caRline caRlins caRnies caseinS casSine caTlins caUline ceasinG celiaCs celOsia censUal cenTals cHaines cineasT cineMas cineOls claRies cleansE clienTs Denials eclaiRs elasTic elasTin elYsian enciNal enciNas enclasP enlacEs enTails Fancies Fascine Fecials Fiances Finales Galenic Glances incaGes incaseD incaseS incIsal inclasP inclOse inHales inlaceD inscaPe insUlae inUlase laciesT lacinGs lacUnes laicIse lanceRs lanceTs lancHes laTices laUnces laWines leasinG lecTins lesBian leUcins licensE licHens linaGes Malices Malines Melanic Menials naileRs nailseT naNcies nicKels nicKles Oilcans Pelican Pencils Pineals Plaices Renails sacliKe salicIn salienT salineS salTine scalenE scalieR scalinG sealinG secOnal selEnic seMinal silaneS silencE slacKen slainTe slicKen snaileD sPancel sPaniel sPecial sPlenia sPlenic sTencil Tenails Tincals Uncials Unlaces Valines Vesical

Extensions: (none)

Sub-anagrams: ace aces acne acnes ae ai ail ails ain ains ais aisle al ale alec alecs ales alien aliens aline alines als an ane anes ani anil anile anils anis anise as asci cain cains cal cals can cane canes cans case casein ceil ceils cel cels cine cines cis clan clans clean cleans cline clines el elain elains elan elans els en ens es ice ices ilea ileac in incase inlace ins is isle la lac lace laces lacs laic laics lain lance lances lane lanes las lase lea lean leans leas lei leis lenis lens les li liane lianes lias lice lie lien liens lies lin linac linacs line lines lins lis na nae naes nail nails ne nice nil nils sac sae saice sail sain sal sale salic saline san sane scale scan scena sea seal sec sei sel sen si sial sic sice silane sin since sine slain slice snail

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