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November 25th, 2020: SWALE

Definition: SWALE*SWALES n a tract of low, marshy ground

Anagrams: wales weals

Hooks: swaleS

Ana-hooks: awlesS Dwales waleRs walIes waRsle wealDs weasEl wHales wHeals

'Typos': dwale scale shale spale stale swage sware swile

Blana-grams: aBles aIsle aleCs aleFs alMes alOes aRles asKew awOls aXels aXles Bales Bawls Beals Blase Blaws Claws Clews Dales Deals eaRls easEl elaNs False Flaws Fleas Flews Gales Hales Hawse Heals Kales laCes laDes laKes laMes laNes laPse laRes laseD laseR laseS laVes laweD lawNs laXes laZes leaDs leaFs leaKs leaNs leaPs leaRs leasE leasH leasT leVas lewIs lOwes lOwse lweIs lYase Males Meals Mewls Pales Pawls Peals Pleas Plews Rales Reals Resaw saBle saleP saleS salVe saweD saweR sealS selaH selVa sePal seRal seTal sewaN sewaR sHawl sHeal slaKe slaTe slaVe slawS slewS sTeal sTela swaIl sweaR sweaT swelL Taels Tales Tawse Teals Tesla Twaes Vales Valse Veals waDes waGes waIls waKes waleD waleR walIs walKs walLs waMes waNes waRes wasTe waUls waVes waWls waXes wealD weaNs weaRs weKas welDs welLs welsH welTs weTas wHale wHeal wIles wYles Yawls Zeals

Extensions: swaleD#

Sub-anagrams: ae al ale ales als as aw awe awes awl awls el els es la las lase law laws lea leas les sae sal sale saw sea seal sel sew slaw slew wae waes wale was we weal

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