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November 10th, 2020: GLASSINE

Definition: GLASSINE*GLASSINES n a type of paper

Anagrams: gainless leasings sealings

Hooks: glassineS

Ana-hooks: agilenEss algiDness Cassingle ensilagEs gasOlines glaRiness glaZiness gRainless salPinges sHealings signaleRs signalIse slangiesT sTealings Tasseling Wineglass

'Typos': glassing

Blana-grams: agenEsis agOnises ainselLs aligneRs anisOles assigneD assigneE assigneR Bealings Blessing Caginess Classing Dealigns Dealings eanliNgs easTings elaPsing elasTins engRails ensilagE essaYing Fangless Finagles galLeins gaMiness gasOline gelaTins genisTas geniTals gianTess glaCises glaDness glassieR glassieS glassMen gliBness glissaDe glisTens glOssina glUiness Hassling Healings inUlases Kingless laCiness lasAgnes laseRing lasHings lassOing lasTings laZiness leaDings leaniNgs leasHing leaVings lensiNgs lesBians lineagEs linKages linsaNgs lOginess nailLess nailseTs naRgiles nasAlise nigelLas Painless Pleasing Rainless Rassling Realigns Reassign Ringless sailIngs salienTs salTines salTings saniCles saPlings sCalings sealsKin seaTings sensilLa seRingas sHealing sHingles signaGes signaleD signaleR singaBle singleTs sinKages slangieR slasHing slaTings slaYings sleaVing sleaZing slingeRs snagGles snagliKe snigGles snigleTs sOilages sPaeings sPangles sPaniels sPinages sTealing sWingles Taglines Ugliness Wingless Yealings

Extensions: glassineSS glassineSSES

Sub-anagrams: ae aegis ag age ages agile agin ags ai ail ails ain ains ais aisle aisles al ale ales algin algins alien aliens align aligns aline alines als an ane anes angel angels angle angles ani anil anile anils anis anise anises as ass assign easing egal egis el elain elains elan elans els en eng engs ens es ess gae gaen gaes gain gains gal gale gales gals gan gane gas gases gean geans gel gels gen genial gens gi gie gien gies gin gins gis glans glass glassie glean gleans glen glens glia glias glisse gneiss ilea in ingle ingles ins is isle isles la lag lags lain lane lanes lang las lase lases lasing lass lassi lassie lea lean leans leas leasing leg legs lei leis lenis lens les less li liane lianes liang liangs lias liases lie lien liens lies ligan ligans ligase ligases lin linage linages line lines ling linga lingas lings lins lis na nae naes nag nags nail nails ne neg negs ness nil nils sae sag sage sages sags sail sails sain sains sal sale sales saline salines sals san sane sanes sang sanies sans sansei sasin sea seal sealing seals seas (and 48 more)

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