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September 6th, 2020: TRAWLEY

Definition: TRAWLEY*TRAWLEYS n a small truck or car for conveying material

Anagrams: (none)

Hooks: trawleyS

Ana-hooks: waterIly

'Typos': trawled trawler

Blana-grams: alertLy Beltway Blewart eartHly elytraL Greatly Hartely Heartly Irately latHery lawyerS lyrateD Owrelay Peartly Peytral Prelaty Pteryla rayletS realIty rOyalet Sweltry tearIly treaCly waltIer waltZer warStle waStery waStrel wealtHy wearIly wHalery wraStle wreatHy

Extensions: (none)

Sub-anagrams: ae aery al ale alert alew alt alter ar are aret arew arle art artel arty ary aryl at ate aw awe awl awry ay aye ayre ea ear earl early eat el elt elytra er era et eta ewt eyra la laer lar lare lat late later law lawer lawyer lay layer lea lear leary leat let lew ley lyart lye lyrate lyre lyte rale rat rate ratel raw rawly ray rayle raylet re real realty relay rely ret rew rya ryal rye ta tae tael tale taler tar tare taw tawer tawery tay te tea teal tear teary tel tela telary tew trawl tray trew trey try trye twa twae twal tway twyer tye tyer tyler tyre wae wale waler walty waly war ware wart warty wary wat wate water watery way we weal wear weary welt wert wet weta wetly wey wrate wry wye wyle wyte ya yale yar yare yate yaw yawl ye yea year yelt yet yew

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