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August 9th, 2020: CLAVIER

Definition: CLAVIER*CLAVIERS n a keyboard instrument

Anagrams: caliver caviler valeric velaric

Hooks: clavierS

Ana-hooks: acervUli arvicOle caliverS cavAlier cavilerS cavilLer cerviCal claviGer recEival verTical viSceral

'Typos': clavies clayier klavier

Blana-grams: arcHive arTicle aUricle avArice caliBer caliBre caliPer calMier calOrie calverS carAvel cariOle carliNe carvelS carvieS caviAre cavierS cavileD cerRial cHarlie cHervil claiMer clarieS claverS cleavEr cliverS cOalier cOrival Decrial eclairS Favrile Filacer Glacier Gracile leaviEr lOricae Miracle Prevail raDicel raDicle raveliN reavAil reciTal reclaiM rePlica reviSal reviVal rivaleD Scalier Talcier valiDer variceS variOle vealiEr velariA veSical vicarlY virelaI virelaY viScera

Extensions: clavierIST clavierISTS clavierISTIC

Sub-anagrams: ace acer acre ae ai ail air aiver al ale alec alive ar arc are areic ariel aril arle ave aver calve calver car care carl carle carve carvel cave cavel caver cavie cavier cavil ceil cel ceria ciel cire cirl cive clave claver clavi clavie clear crave ea ear earl eclair el er era eric erica ervil evil ice icer ilea ileac ire la lac lace lacer lacier laer laic lair lar lare lari lav lave laver lea lear lei leir lev leva li liar lice lie lier lira lire live liver livre race rai rail raile rale rave ravel re real rec recal rei relic rev ria rial rice riel rile riva rival rive rivel vac vae vail vair vaire vale vali var vare varec veal veil vela velar vera via viae vial vicar vice vie vier vile viler viral vire virl vlei vraic vril

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