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May 2nd, 2020: STERTOR

Definition: STERTOR*STERTORS n a deep snoring sound

Anagrams: retorts rotters torrets

Hooks: stertorS

Ana-hooks: rortIest rostrAte torreNts tortUres trotTers troUters

'Typos': stentor

Blana-grams: Bettors Cotters Detorts Dorters Dotters eXtorts Grosert Hotters Jotters oUtsert Porters Potters Presort Pretors Protest rAtters reCtors rePorts resortS restArt restorE retoUrs rHetors rIoters rItters roAster roDster roIster roOster roOters rorIest rorteRs rosettE rosettY rosterS rotAtes rotHers rotteNs roUster roUters roYster rUtters settLor sHorter sLotter sNorter sNotter sorterS sPorter sPotter stArter stoIter storerS stotTer stoUter stretTo stroKer stroWer stroYer sWotter terMors terrEts terrIts terroRs toAster toLters toOters torerOs torreNt tortUre totTers toUrers toUters treMors trotTer troUser troUter troVers trUster trUstor trYster tUrrets

Extensions: stertorOUS stertorOUSLY stertorOUSNESS

Sub-anagrams: er eros err errs ers erst es est estro et oe oes or ore ores ors ort orts os ose otter otters re res resort rest ret retort retro retros rets roe roes rore rores rort rorts rose roset rost roster rot rote rotes rots rotte rotter rottes ser serr set sett so sore sorer sort sorter sot st stet store storer stot te terts tes test tet tets to toe toes tor tore tores torr torret torrs tors torse tort torte tortes torts tose tost tot tote toter toters totes tots tres trest tret trets trot trots

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