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April 28th, 2020: HON

Definition: HON*HONS n a honeybun

Anagrams: noh

Hooks: Chon Phon honE honG honK honS

Ana-hooks: Fohn hoRn John noSh

'Typos': con don eon fon hen hin hob hod hoe hog hom hoo hop hos hot how hoy hun ion mon son ton won yon

Blana-grams: Doh Foh hAo Mho nAh noB noD noG noM noO noR noS noT noW nTh oCh ohM ohO ohS onE onO onS oOh oWn Pho Poh Rho Sho Soh Tho Who

Extensions: ChonS PhonE PhonO PhonS PhonY ShonE Thon# ThonG honAN honD# honDA honED honER honES honEY honGI honGS honKS honKY honOR APhonY ARChon OChonE OhonE# PYThon PhonAL PhonED PhonER PhonES PhonEY PhonIC PhonON PhonOS RhonE# SIPhon SYPhon TYPhon ThonGS ThonGY honANS honCHO honDAS honDLE honDS# honERS honEST honEYS honIED honING honKED honKER honKEY honKIE honORS honOUR APhonIA APhonIC ARChonS BENThon BREhon# CIPhonY EUPhon# EUPhonY GRYPhon MAhonIA PYThonS PhonATE PhonEME PhonERS PhonEYS PhonICS PhonIED PhonIER PhonIES PhonILY PhonING PhonONS REShonE RhonCHI RhonES# SIPhonS SYPhonS ShonKY# TORChon TYPhonS ThonGED honCHOS honDLED honDLES honESTY honEYED honGIED honGIES honGIS# honKERS honKEYS honKIES honKING honORED honOREE (and 825 more)

Sub-anagrams: ho no oh on

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