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April 6th, 2020: SCLEROUS

Definition: SCLEROUS adj hardened

Anagrams: closures

Hooks: (none)

Ana-hooks: cAroluses cArousels sloucHers sucrAlose surcUlose

'Typos': (none)

Blana-grams: Bescours cArousel cArouses cHoruses cHousers cloNuses closeuPs closureD cloTures clouTers clusTers colessOr coleusEs corDless corelEss corNuses corPuses corsleTs coruleRs cosTrels coulIsse coulTers couNsels couPlers courseRs creosOls croCuses croPless crossleT crouselY crusTose curelEss escolArs Focusers Glucoses lAcrosse leucosEs leucosIs oBscures reclusEs recusAls rocKless rosesluG sclerosE scolDers scoureRs scourGes scouTers scoWlers scrouGes scruPles sculKers sculLers seculArs sloucHer sloucHes soIlures solAcers soulsTer sPorules sucKlers sucroseS ulceroUs uNcloses

Extensions: (none)

Sub-anagrams: cel cels ceorl ceorls cero ceros cerous cess close closer closers closes closure clour clours clue clues col cole coles coleus cols colure colures cor core cores cors corse corses cos coses coss course courses cresol cresols cress cross crosse crouse cru cruel crus cruse cruses cue cues cur cure cures curl curls curs curse curses cuss cusser cusso eco ecos ecru ecrus ecu ecus el els er eros ers es ess euro euros les less lessor leu lo locus loess lor lore lores lose loser losers loses loss lour lours louse louses luce luces lucre lucres lues lure lures oe oes ole oles or orc orcs ore ores orle orles ors os oscule oscules ose oses our ours ousel ousels re rec recs res roc rocs roe roes role roles rose roses roue roues rouse rouses rue rues rule rules ruse ruses score scores scour scours scouse sec secs sel sels ser serous sers sloe sloes slue slues slur slurs so soc soces socle socles sol sole soles soleus sols solus sore sorel sorels sores sorus sos sou soul souls sour source sources sours sous souse souser sucre sucres sucrose sue suer suers sues sure sus ulcer ulcers us (and 4 more)

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