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February 21st, 2020: SCOP

Definition: SCOP*SCOPS n an Old English poet

Anagrams: cops

Hooks: scopA scopE scopS

Ana-hooks: cApos cHops cLops coMps coOps copEs copsE copsY coRps coUps cRops pIsco pocKs scoOp

'Typos': scot scow scup shop slop stop swop

Blana-grams: Apos Bops cApo cAps cEps cHop cLop coBs coDs coGs coLs coMp coNs coOp coOs copE copY coRs cosH cosS cosT cosY coTs coUp coWs coYs cRop cUps cUsp Docs Ecos Epos Fops Hops Kops Lops Mocs Mops ocAs oOps opAs opEs opTs opUs oRcs pAcs pEcs pEso pHos pIcs pIso pocK pocO poDs poIs poLs poMs poNs poOs poPs posE posH posT posY poTs poWs pRos Rocs soAp socA socK sopH sopS soUp spEc spIc spoT Tops Wops

Extensions: scopAE scopED scopES MIscopY scopAS# scopING scopULA BIOscopE BIOscopY EPIscopE MYOscopE OTOscopE OTOscopY UROscopY scopATE# scopULAE scopULAS AEROscopE BAROscopE BIOscopES BOREscopE CRYOscopE CRYOscopY DIAscopE# ENDOscopE ENDOscopY EPIscopAL EPIscopES EPIscopY# FETOscopE FETOscopY GYROscopE HODOscopE HOROscopE HOROscopY IRIscopE# KINEscopE MIscopIED MIscopIES MYOscopES OTOscopES PERIscopE SKIAscopE SKIAscopY TELEscopE TELEscopY UROscopIC ZOOscopY# scopELID# scopULATE AEROscopES AURIscopE# AUTOscopY# BAROscopES BIOscopIES BOREscopES COLPOscopE COLPOscopY CRYOscopES CRYOscopIC CYSTOscopE CYSTOscopY DIAscopES# DIscopHILE ENDOscopES ENDOscopIC ENGYscopE# EPIscopACY EPIscopATE EscopETTE# FETOscopES FIBERscopE GYROscopES GYROscopIC HAGIOscopE HODOscopES HOROscopES ICONOscopE IRIscopES# KINEscopED KINEscopES KONIscopE# MANOscopY# MEGAscopE# MEGAscopIC MICROscopE MICROscopY MIscopYING MUTOscopE# NEPHOscopE NIGHTscopE OTOscopIC# OTOscopIES OUROscopY# PERIscopES PERIscopIC POROscopE# POROscopY# PYROscopE# RADARscopE (and 271 more)

Sub-anagrams: cop cos op ops os po pos so soc sop

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