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January 30th, 2020: SCHNEID

Definition: SCHNEID*SCHNEIDS n a losing streak

Anagrams: chinsed

Hooks: schneidS

Ana-hooks: echidnAs hedOnics sniTched

'Typos': (none)

Blana-grams: Behinds cAndies chAined chAines chidDen chideRs chieLds chiLdes chinKed chinNed chinseS cinChed cinChes cindeRs cOdeins dehiscE deZincs dicKens disceRn diTches dUchies dUnches dUncish echidnA echinUs eThnics eXscind Finches Ginches hedOnic heRdics hindeRs hOidens incAsed incheRs incIsed incUdes incUsed indIces indUces Lichens Mehndis neRdish Pinched Pinches Rescind Richens secOndi shinNed shRined snicKed sPhenic sThenic sYnched Winched Winches Zechins

Extensions: (none)

Sub-anagrams: cedi cedis chi chid chide chides chin chine chined chines chins chinse chis cine cines cis de den deni dens deshi desi dice dices die dies din dine dines dins dis disc dish ed edh edhs eds eh en end ends ens es he hen hens hes hi hic hid hide hides hie hied hies hin hind hinds hins his hisn ice iced ices ich ichs id ides ids in inch inched inches ins is ne nice niche niched niches nide nides scend sec sei sen send sh she shed shen shend shied shin shine shined si sic sice side sidh sidhe sin since sine sinh sned snide

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