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November 26th, 2019: INCHOATE

Definition: INCHOATE adj being in an early stage

Anagrams: (none)

Hooks: inchoateD inchoateS

Ana-hooks: aitchBone anchoRite antechoiR cheLation oenaNthic

'Typos': (none)

Blana-grams: acetoniC achioteS aconiteS actioneD actioneR anchoRet anechoiC anoRetic anoRthic antheMic antiheRo aSthenic atechniC canoeiSt cateChin catenoiD cenotaPh chainLet chantieS chatLine cheatinG chitoSan coinMate conatiVe conChate cReation echinatE enactioN ethicIan ethnicaL eXaction haPtenic hoactZin inVocate Jacinthe notchieR onYchite Phonetic Reaction Sonicate taconiTe teachinG thionaTe toiSeach

Extensions: inchoateLY inchoateNESS inchoateNESSES

Sub-anagrams: ace acetin ach ache achiote acne aconite act actin action acton ae aeon aeonic ah ahent ahint ai ain aine ait aitch an ance ane anetic ani anoetic ant ante anti antic at ate atoc atone atonic cain can cane caneh canoe cant canthi canto cat cate cation cent cento ch cha chai chain chaine chant chantie chao chat chaton che cheat chi chia chiao chin china chine chino chit chiton chon chota ciao cine cion cit cite cito coat coate coati coin coit con cone coni conia conte cot cotan cote coth ea each ean eat eath ech echo echt eh en enact enatic eniac entia eoan eon et eta etch eth ethic ethion ethnic etic etna ha hae haen haet hain han hance hant hao hat hate he heat hen henotic hent het hi hiant hic hie hin hint hit ho hoa hoc hoe hoi hon hone hot hote hoten ice ich icon in inch into io ion iota it ita itch na nach nache nacho nae nah naoi nat natch ne neat neath net nice niche nie nit nite no noetic noh not nota notch note notice nth oat oaten oath oca ocean och oche octa octan (and 60 more)

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