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November 9th, 2019: SPHENIC

Definition: SPHENIC adj shaped like a wedge

Anagrams: pinches

Hooks: (none)

Ana-hooks: chOpines pAinches penUchis pincheRs pinscheR

'Typos': spheric splenic sthenic

Blana-grams: ceRiphs chAines cheVins chinesE chipseT chOpine chOpins cinChes cipheRs cRispen echinUs enDship eThnics Finches hespinG hipnesS hipPens hOspice hYpnics incepTs inchAse inphAse inscApe inspecT Lichens Linches nephRic niceIsh nicheRs pechAns pechinG pecKish pecTins peincTs penciLs penUchi phesinG phOcine phOnics phOnies phRenic picenEs piecEns piLches pincAse pinceRs pincheD pincheR piscIne piTches pLenish pRinces pschenT pUnches Richens shipMen shipPen spinAch Winches Zechins

Extensions: (none)

Sub-anagrams: cens cep ceps ch che chi chin chine chines chins chip chips chis cine cines cis ech eh ehs en ens epic epics es he hen hens hep heps hes hesp hi hic hie hies hin hins hip hips his hisn ice ices ich iches ichs in inch inches ins is ish ne nep neps nesh nice niche niches nie nies nip nips nis pe pec pech pechs pecs peh pehs pein peins pen peni penis pens pes ph phenic phi phis phs pi pic pice pics pie pies pin pinch pine pines pins pis pise pish psi sec sei sen sepic sh she shin shine ship si sic sice sich sien sin since sine sinh sip sipe snip snipe spec spic spice spie spin spine

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