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October 30th, 2019: OSTRACON

Definition: OSTRACA*OSTRACON n a fragment containing an inscription

Anagrams: cartoons corantos

Hooks: (none)

Ana-hooks: acroDonts coLorants consortIa coPatrons corantoEs coronatEs corPosant coUrantos Monocrats noNactors sonIcator

'Typos': ostracod ostrakon

Blana-grams: acroDont ancEstor arnotTos canoroUs cantorIs carDoons carotIns cartoonY cHantors coaCtors coLorant conGrats consortS contorTs contoUrs contrasT controLs cooLants coPastor coPatron cornUtos coronaLs coronatE coronEts cortInas coUranto coUrants crostIno croUtons Donators Enactors Locators Monocrat noNactor notaTors octaGons octanoLs octonarY oDorants oratIons ortoLans oUtscorn Patroons racCoons ratToons rootcaPs santoorS sonoraNt tanDoors torcHons tornaDos toUracos

Extensions: (none)

Sub-anagrams: acorn acorns acro acros act actor actors acts an ant ants ar arc arco arcs ars arson art arts as ascon ascot at can cans canso canst cant canto cantor cantors cantos cants car carn carns cars cart carton cartons cartoon carts cast castor cat cats coast coat coats con cons consort conto contos contra contras coo coon coons coos coot coots cor coranto corn corns corona coronas cors cos cost costa costar cot cotan cotans cots craton cratons croon croons croton crotons na naos narc narco narcos narcs no noo nor nos nostoc not nota oar oars oast oat oats oca ocas octan octans on ono onos ons onto oot oots or ora orc orca orcas orcs ors ort orts os osar oscar racon racons racoon racoons ran rant rants ras rat rato ratoon ratoons ratos rats roan roans roast roc rocs roo roos roost root roots rot rota rotas roto rotos rots sac san santo santoor sat scan scant scar scart scat scoot scorn scot scran scrota snoot snort snot so soar soc soca son sonar soon soot sora sorn sort sorta sot star stoa ta taco tacos tan tans tao taos tar tarn tarns taro taroc tarocs (and 26 more)

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