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September 8th, 2019: PERDU

Definition: PERDU*PERDUS n a soldier sent on a dangerous mission

Anagrams: drupe duper prude pured

Hooks: Eperdu perduE perduS

Ana-hooks: Burped drupeL drupeS duMper duperS duperY epErdu pOuder pOudre pOured prudeS pruNed pudDer puerEd pureEd purGed purLed purRed purSed rOuped ruMped updreW

'Typos': perdy

Blana-grams: Crude Cured deMur dOper drApe druSe dupeD dupeS dupLe dureD dureS erupT eupAd Grued Lured Mured Nuder Ouped pAdre pAred pAreu pedrO pOred predY preEd prIde prIed prOud pruNe pSeud puCer pudGe pudOr puerS puKed puKer puLed puLer purdA pureE pureR pureS purGe purSe rAped redIp reduB reduX rIped rOped rudeR rudeS rudIe ruLed ruNed rupeE Spred Sprue Spued Super Sured Trued udDer uMped uNder uNred updrY upeNd upLed upPed upPer urdeE uredO urGed urNed

Extensions: EperduE perduES perduRE perduRED perduRES perduRING perduRABLE perduRABLY perduRANCE perduELLION perduRANCES perduRATION perduELLIONS perduRATIONS HYperduLIA(S)

Sub-anagrams: de due dup dupe dure ed er pe ped per pre pud puer pur pure re red rep rud rude rue rued up ur urd urde ure

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