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June 19th, 2019: MOUSING

Definition: 1. MOUSE*MOUSED*MOUSING*MOUSES v to catch mice 2. MOUSING*MOUSINGS n a wrapping around the shank end of a hook

Anagrams: souming

Hooks: Smousing mousingS

Ana-hooks: gEminous mousLing mousSing mousTing Roumings smouSing smouTing soumingS

'Typos': bousing dousing housing lousing meusing mossing mouping rousing sousing tousing

Blana-grams: Amusing Comings Congius Coniums gnomisH gnomisT gomuTis guiDons Homings ignEous imPugns ionIums Lignums mEouing mignoNs misgonE mosHing mouLins moWings mugGins musHing musiMon musingS musKing musSing musTing nimIous ominOus omniBus omniuMs ousTing ouTings ouTsing Rouming sAgouin smoKing smoRing soOming souCing souPing souRing soWming sPuming sPumoni sumMing

Extensions: FAmousing

Sub-anagrams: gi gin gins gio gios gis gism gismo gnu gnus go gon gonium gons gos gu gum gums gun guns gus in ingo ins io ion ions ios is ism iso mi mig migs ming mings mino minos minus mis misgo miso mo mog mogs moi mon mong mongs mons mos mosing mou mous mu mug mugs mun mungo mungos muni munis muns muon muons mus musing muso nim nims nis no nog nogs nom noms nos nous nu nus oi om oms on onium ons onus os ou si sign sim sin sing smog smug snig snog snug so sog son song sou soum sui suing sum sumo sun sung ug ugs um un uni unis uns us using

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