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April 7th, 2019: RICTUS

Definition: RICTUS*RICTUSES n the expanse of the open mouth

Anagrams: citrus rustic

Hooks: (none)

Ana-hooks: citrOus citrusY cuitErs curiEts curitEs Fruicts ictErus iNcrust rusticS urticAs

'Typos': rectus

Blana-grams: Artics Aurist Bruits Bustic cEstui cHirts cirCus cirRus cistuS citErs cOitus cOurts cristA critHs crOuts cruEts cruisE crusEt crusiE crustA crustS crustY cuBist cuBits cuEist cuitEr curAts curEts curiAs curiEs curiEt curiOs curitE curtsY cutiEs cutiNs Eructs Fruict Fruits Fustic iNcurs Jurist Miscut Purist Quirts rAcist rEcits rEcuts ricHts rutiNs scHuit scriPt scruNt scrutO sPruit sQuirt stEric stricH stricK stricT strucK suitEr suitOr tAuric triAcs tricEs tricKs trisuL trucEs trucKs truisM tsuriS tuNics turKis tZuris uPrist uPstir urAtic urEtic uritEs urticA Virtus

Extensions: rictusES

Sub-anagrams: cis cist cit cits cris crit crits cru crus crust cuit cuits cur curs cursi curst curt cut cutis cuts ictus is it its rit rits ruc rucs rust rut ruts scur scut si sic sir sit sri st stir sui suit sur ti tic tics tis tui tuis ur uric us ut utis uts

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