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January 29th, 2019: SERIF

Definition: SERIF*SERIFS SERIFED*SERIFFED n a fine line used to finish off the main stroke of a letter

Anagrams: fires fries frise reifs

Hooks: serifS

Ana-hooks: Briefs feriAs ferMis fiBers fiBres fiFers fiLers fireRs fisHer fiVers fiXers fLiers frAise frieRs friGes friseE friseS friTes friZes fUries Griefs iNfers Kefirs Lifers refiTs resifT rifesT rifLes sHerif sifTer sTrife

'Typos': serin

Blana-grams: Afire Arise Biers Birse Brief Bries Cires Cries Defis Dries eMirs fAirs fAres feArs feisT ferEs feriA ferMi ferNs fiArs fiBer fiBre fiCes fieFs fierY fiFer fiFes fiLer fiLes fiNer fiNes fireD fireR firMs firNs firsT fiVer fiVes fiXer fiXes fLier fLies fLirs fOres freEs fresH freTs frieD frieR friGs frisK friTs frOes Grief Heirs Hires iNfer Kefir Keirs Kerfs Kiefs Kiers Liers Lifer Mires Miser Neifs Osier Peris Piers Pries Prise rAise reEfs refiT refiX reifY reiNs resiD resiN resiT riBes riCes riDes rieLs rifeR rifFs rifLe rifTs riLes riMes riNse riPes riseN riseR riseS riTes riVes sAfer seifS serAi serfS sHier sHire sieUr siKer sireD sireE sireN sireS siVer siXer siZer sKier sLier sPeir sPier sPire Tiers Tires Tries Viers Vires Weirs Wifes Wires Wiser Wries

Extensions: serifED SANserif serifFED SANserifS

Sub-anagrams: ef efs er ers es fe fer fes fie fir fire firs if ifs ire ires is re ref refs rei reif reis res rif rife rifs rise sei seif ser serf si sir sire sri

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