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January 19th, 2019: SANDLING

Definition: SANDLING*SANDLINGS n a marine fish

Anagrams: landings

Hooks: sandlingS

Ana-hooks: Handlings islandIng sandAling

'Typos': candling dandling handling saddling

Blana-grams: anglinGs annElids Bandings Bladings danglinG daRlings daRnings daWnings dEaligns dEalings dialIngs disannUl Eanlings gliadIns ladEning lEadings lEanings lEndings lindanEs linsangS lOadings lOanings sCalding signalEd slanginG slanTing snailIng snaRling sTanding Unlading

Extensions: (none)

Sub-anagrams: ad ads ag agin ags ai aid aids ail ails ain ains ais al algid algin algins align aligns als an and ands ani anil anils anis as da dag dags dais dal dals dan dang dangs dans das dial dials dig digs din ding dings dins dis gad gadi gadis gads gain gains gal gals gan gas gi gid gids gild gilds gin gins gis glad glads gland glands glans glia glias id ids in inland inlands inn inns ins is island la lad lading ladings lads lag lags laid lain land landing lands lang las lasing li liang liangs lias lid lids ligan ligand ligands ligans lignan lignans lin ling linga lingas lings linn linns lins linsang lis na nag nags nail nails nan nans nidal nil nils sad sadi sag said sail sain sal san sand sanding sang saning si sial sig sigla sign signa signal sild sin sing slag slain slang slid sling snag snail

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